Woodard Harbour Pointe Patio 6 Piece Set   
Woodard 12 Piece Patio Set   
Harriet Whitney Frishmuth Style Deco Bronze Nude   
SOLD Donald Deskey Andirons and Tool Set   
SOLD Andirons Wrought Iron with Shield Design   
SOLD Donald Deskey Andiron Ball Set   
SOLD Large Salterini Dining Set 6 Chairs   
SOLD Woodard 5 Piece Spring Steel Dining Set   
SOLD Salterini Cornicopia  Tea Cart   
SOLD Knoll Schultz Topiary Dining Set  6 Chairs Table   
SOLD Lava Stone Garden Sculpture   
SOLD Patio Set Aluminum Neoclassical   
SOLD Buddha Lava Stone   
SOLD Donald Desky Style Andirons   
SOLD Salterini Wrought Iron Set 7pc   
SOLD Florentine Style Neo Classical Dolphin Aluminium Set